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Heather Honey 9.9 oz

Heather Honey 9.9 oz

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  • Aromatic Profile
  • Rare and Limited
  • "Divine" Proportions
Heather honey is indeed a unique and rare variety of honey known for its distinct flavor and aroma. It is collected from the blossoms of the heather plant (Calluna vulgaris), a low-growing, flowering shrub that is native to various regions, including Halkidiki. It gives off all the perfumes of Halkidiki, with a caramel aftertaste. It is collected from the blossoms of heather, the nectar of which makes the bees ecstatic. One tablespoon is enough to give us "divine" proportions.

Product Details

Each recyclable glass jar contains 9.9 oz / 280 grams of honey.

As a natural product, pure honey may crystallize over time. To restore it to its liquid form, simply warm the jar in a bowl of warm water.

Do not feed honey to babies under one year of age.

Farm Information

Halkidiki, or Chalkidiki, is a picturesque peninsula in northern Greece known for its natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and rich agricultural heritage. It's a region famous for producing high-quality honey, including the sought-after heather honey.

Halkidiki's diverse flora, which includes a variety of wildflowers and herbs, provides an ideal environment for beekeeping. The heather plant (Calluna vulgaris) is one of the key floral sources for honey in the region. Heather honey is highly regarded and cherished for its distinct flavor and aroma, which captures the essence of the Halkidiki landscape.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts (per 100g)
Energy 1340 kj
Fat 0g, of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 80g, of which sugars 70g
Protein 0g
Salt 0,005g


  • Great Taste 2016 Award
  • Great Taste 2017 Award
  • Great Taste 2019 Award
  • Great Taste 2020 Award

Pairs Well With

Heather honey's unique flavor profile, with its floral and caramel notes, pairs well with a variety of foods and beverages. Here are some suggestions for what heather honey pairs well with:

Cheeses: Heather honey complements a wide range of cheeses, both soft and hard. Try it with blue cheese, Brie, Camembert, or Manchego. The sweetness of the honey balances the savory and sometimes salty flavors of cheese.

Greek Yogurt: Drizzle heather honey over a bowl of thick Greek yogurt for a delightful and healthy dessert or breakfast. Add some fresh berries or nuts for extra texture and flavor.

Tea: Stir a spoonful of heather honey into your favorite tea, whether it's black, green, or herbal. The honey's floral notes can enhance the overall tea experience.

Desserts: Use heather honey as a sweetener in desserts like cakes, tarts, or baklava. Its caramel undertones can elevate the flavor of your sweet treats.

Roasted Meats: Heather honey can be used as a glaze for roasted or grilled meats, such as chicken, pork, or lamb. It adds a sweet and savory depth to the dishes.

Salads: Create a vinaigrette dressing with heather honey to drizzle over salads, particularly those featuring bitter greens like arugula or endive. The honey's sweetness balances the bitterness.

Fruit: Drizzle heather honey over fresh fruit, especially figs, pears, or apples. It enhances the natural sweetness of the fruit and adds a touch of complexity.

Breads and Toast: Spread heather honey on toast or freshly baked bread for a simple and delightful breakfast or snack.

Charcuterie: Include heather honey on a charcuterie board with cured meats, nuts, and various cheeses. It adds a sweet contrast to the savory components.

Pairing with Wine: Heather honey can be used in wine pairings, especially with dessert wines like late-harvest Riesling or port. It complements the sweetness of the wine and can enhance the tasting experience.

Glazes and Marinades: Use heather honey as a glaze or marinade for roasted vegetables, particularly root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.

Remember that heather honey has a strong and distinctive flavor, so it's best to use it sparingly to avoid overpowering other ingredients. The combinations you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the dishes you're preparing, so feel free to experiment and discover your favorite pairings.

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