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Fresh Royal Jelly 20g / 0.705479oz

Fresh Royal Jelly 20g / 0.705479oz

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    Royal jelly is the natural thick, organic substance produced by young bees and is used exclusively for the queen's diet.
    Its taste is acidic, slightly caustic and its color is pale yellow.

    It has been proven to be nature's richest healthy food. It has a positive effect on metabolism, growth and longevity.
    By renewing the cells, it rejuvenates depleted, distressed and aging organisms.

    It increases physical and mental strength, stimulates memory, endurance, fertility and sexual performance.
    Royal jelly regulates and balances the body's functions, oxygenates cells and increases physical resistance to
    external attacks and internal anomalies.

    More specifically: atherosclerosis, arthritis, hemorrhoids, skin, sugar, growth retardation, urinary tract infections,
    stress, constipation, stomach upsets, neurosis, insomnia, menopause, atony, atony, anxiety, stress.

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