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Cretan Series Honey & Olive Oil 3X1.8 oz & 1X3.4 fl oz

Cretan Series Honey & Olive Oil 3X1.8 oz & 1X3.4 fl oz

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  • Traditional Cretan
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  • Nostalgia and Emotions

CRETAN SERIES brings back memories, scents and emotions from Greece of the past with traditional Cretan products, such as honey & olive oil.

Thyme honey has an amber color, with golden  highlights and it is famous for its fantastic aroma.  It is harvested from lands with thyme in Creta. 

Pine thyme honey has a caramel color. The harmonious combination of sea and pine forest gives to this honey the aura and aromas of Creta island.

Orange blossom honey is amber, intensely aromatic with golden highlights. The sunny and warm climate of Creta enriches the orange blossom honey with a unique flavor and a fighter’s vigor.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Extra virgin olive oil, well-known since ancient times, is one of the main  components of the Mediterranean diet.

Product Details

Each recyclable bottle contains 3.4 fl oz / 100 ml of olive oil.
Each recyclable glass jar contains 1.8 oz / 50 grams of honey.

As a natural product, pure honey may crystallize over time. To restore it to its liquid form, simply warm the jar in a bowl of warm water.

Do not feed honey to babies under one year of age.

Farm Information

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is known for its rich agricultural heritage. The island produces high-quality olive oil, honey, and other traditional products. These items often carry a unique flavor and quality that is distinct to the region.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts (per 100g)
Energy 1340 kj
Fat 0g, of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 80g, of which sugars 70g
Protein 0g
Salt 0,005g


Pairs Well With

The thyme honey, pine thyme honey, orange blossom honey, and Cretan extra virgin olive oil all have unique flavors and aromas, and they can be paired with various foods to enhance your culinary experience. Here are some pairing suggestions for each of these products:

Thyme Honey:

Greek Yogurt: Drizzle thyme honey over a bowl of Greek yogurt to add a sweet and aromatic touch to your breakfast or dessert.
Cheese: Serve thyme honey with cheese, particularly soft cheeses like brie or goat cheese, for a delightful combination of sweet and savory flavors.
Baklava: Use thyme honey as a drizzle for baklava or other Mediterranean pastries for a classic and decadent treat.
Tea: Add a spoonful of thyme honey to your tea for a natural sweetener with a distinct thyme aroma.
Pine Thyme Honey:

Roasted Meats: Use pine thyme honey as a glaze for roasted meats, such as lamb or pork, to add a rich and earthy sweetness.
Oatmeal: Drizzle pine thyme honey over your morning oatmeal for a unique and aromatic breakfast experience.
Greek Pastries: Incorporate pine thyme honey into the fillings or drizzled on top of traditional Greek pastries for an authentic touch.
Orange Blossom Honey:

Tea: Stir orange blossom honey into hot or iced tea for a fragrant and sweet beverage.
Salad Dressing: Use orange blossom honey in salad dressings to balance the flavors and add a floral note to your salads.
Baked Goods: Incorporate orange blossom honey into cake, muffin, or cookie recipes for a citrusy and aromatic twist.
Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Bread Dip: Serve Cretan extra virgin olive oil with crusty bread and a pinch of sea salt as a classic appetizer.
Salads: Use this olive oil as the base for salad dressings to add a rich, fruity note to your salads.
Grilled Vegetables: Drizzle Cretan olive oil over grilled vegetables to enhance their natural flavors.
Pasta: Toss cooked pasta with Cretan olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs for a simple yet delicious dish.
These are just a few pairing ideas, and the possibilities are endless. The key is to experiment and explore to find the combinations that best suit your taste and preferences. These traditional Cretan products can elevate the flavors of various dishes and bring a taste of Crete to your table.

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