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EPTAECHOS "Aegean & Ionian" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 23.6 fl. oz.

EPTAECHOS "Aegean & Ionian" Extra Virgin Olive Oil 23.6 fl. oz.

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  • Ultra Premium Blend
  • Well-Balanced Taste
  • Delicacy of Manaki Olives

The two dominant varieties Koroneiki & Manaki of the blessed olive groves that bear fruit in the view of the two Greek seas, become one.Two varieties known for their excellent quality of olive oil with low acidity create the perfect taste balance.

The Manaki variety balances with the soft, full taste of ripe olives, the fruity but also lively intensity of Koroneiki.

It is ideal for cooking as it offers the perfect taste balance.
It is also preferred for raw consumption, enriching the aromas and taste in salads, sauces & marinade.

Product Details

Each bottle contains 23.6 fl. oz / 700 mL of olive oil.

Farm Information

Greek Seas: The mention of the "two Greek seas" could refer to the geographical location of this region. Greece is known for its extensive coastline along multiple seas, including the Ionian Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. The olive groves are situated in a region where the landscapes and climate are influenced by the proximity of two of these seas.

Olive Varieties:

Koroneiki Olive: The Koroneiki olive variety is renowned for its small size and high oil content. It's known for producing olive oil with a robust and peppery flavor. It's one of the most common olive varieties in Greece and is highly regarded for its quality.

Manaki Olive: Manaki olives are native to Greece and are less well-known internationally than Koroneiki olives. Olive oil produced from Manaki olives is typically mild and fruity, with a more delicate flavor profile.

Flavor Balance:

The mention of "perfect taste balance" suggests that the combination of these two olive varieties, one with a robust flavor and the other with a milder profile, results in a harmonious and well-balanced olive oil. This blend is likely prized for its ability to offer a nuanced and rounded taste experience.
Quality and Low Acidity:

Both the Koroneiki and Manaki olive varieties are recognized for their excellent quality olive oil. Low acidity is a key indicator of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, as it signifies that the oil has been carefully produced and is less likely to have defects.
The specific region where these olive groves are located and where these two olive varieties are cultivated is not mentioned in the provided text. However, it's clear that this region holds a special place in Greek olive oil production, and the combination of these olive varieties results in a unique and well-balanced flavor profile, making it a sought-after choice for olive oil connoisseurs.


Pairs Well With

Olive oil produced from a blend of Koroneiki and Manaki olive varieties, known for their unique flavor balance, can pair well with a variety of dishes. Here are some foods and dishes that complement this olive oil:

1. Fresh Salads: Drizzle the olive oil over a variety of fresh salads, including Greek salad, caprese salad, or mixed green salads, to enhance their flavors.

2. Seafood: Use it to complement the natural flavors of grilled or baked fish, shrimp, or scallops, allowing the olive oil to add a Mediterranean touch.

3. Grilled Vegetables: Brush olive oil on grilled vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and asparagus to enhance their natural sweetness and add a delightful fruity note.

4. Pasta Dishes: Use this olive oil to create pasta dishes by drizzling it over cooked pasta, adding fresh herbs, garlic, and grated Parmesan cheese for a Mediterranean twist.

5. Roasted Chicken: Coat roasted chicken or chicken kebabs with the olive oil before grilling or as a finishing touch along with fresh lemon juice.

6. Bread Dipping: Serve with crusty bread and a mixture of herbs and spices for a flavorful bread-dipping experience.

7. Mediterranean Mezze Platter: Include this olive oil in a mezze platter with dishes like hummus, baba ghanoush, olives, and pita bread for a fantastic appetizer spread.

8. Fresh Bread and Cheese: Drizzle over fresh bread and pair it with a variety of cheeses, such as feta, goat cheese, or mozzarella, for a simple yet delightful appetizer.

9. Roasted Vegetables: Toss roasted root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and parsnips in the olive oil to enhance their earthy flavors.

10. Tzatziki: Use this olive oil in your homemade tzatziki sauce, a Greek yogurt-based dip, which pairs well with grilled meats, pita bread, or as a dip for vegetables.

The well-balanced and nuanced flavor of this olive oil, resulting from the blend of Koroneiki and Manaki olives, makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of culinary applications. It can enhance the taste of both simple and complex dishes, offering a Mediterranean touch to your cooking.

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