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Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil NEMOUTIANA Variety with Edible Gold

areas around the sanctuary of Ancient Olympia and its fruits are harvested by hand. Nemoutiana is a rare variety with medium spiciness and intense fruity aroma and a special aftertaste reminiscent of freshly chopped olives and wild nature.

Only for raw consumption. very rich in phenols. Phenols are a group of organic compounds found in various plants, including olives. In the context of olive oil, phenolic compounds are considered beneficial for several reasons.

Gold, as a natural metal is anti oxidant.




olive varieties, is renowned for its rich and fruity flavor. Kolyreiki olives provide a pleasant, fruity taste with a hint of sweetness, while Koroneiki olives offer a robust and peppery flavor. This olive oil is versatile, ideal for drizzling, dipping, and enhancing the taste of a wide range of dishes. Olympia's unique terroir and historical significance contribute to the exceptional quality of this olive oil.

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a unique character low acidity and dense velvety texture, with fruity lively aftertaste.

It is dedicated to the dominant varieties of Olympia, the Kolyreiki and the Koroneiki.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AGRELOS "Crete & Poloponesse" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Koroneiki, Athinolia, and Botsikoelia are three distinct olive varieties, each with its unique characteristics, flavor profiles, and uses in olive oil production. These varieties are often grown in different regions and are known for contributing to the diversity of olive oils available.

These olive varieties contribute to the diversity of olive oils available in Greece and beyond. The choice of variety can significantly impact the flavor and culinary applications of the resulting olive oil. The specific flavor characteristics may also vary depending on the region where the olives are grown and the cultivation and production methods employed by the olive oil producer.



MYTHOGEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MYTHOGEA Early Harvest Olive Oil is produced by olives selected from the heart of the Messinian Land. Peloponnese since the Mycenaean era provides high quality olive oil. Through History and centuries of tradition Koroneiki variety has been declared the crown of Greek olive oil. Koroneiki variety offers delicious, low-acidity, velvet textured olive oil. Early Harvest olive oil has rich, spicy flavor, intense fruity aroma. Ideal for raw consumption.



CRETAN Extra Virgin Monastery Olive Oil

Mythogea Cretan Extra Virgin Monastery Olive Oil, brings out all the flavors & the original taste of fresh Cretan olives. A journey into the world of Mediterranean cuisine and the famous Cretan diet. Since the Minoan era, through history and centuries of tradition, Cretan olive oil was known for its uniqueness, excellent taste and quality. Mythogea Monastery Olive Oil is Koroneiki variety and has a spicy taste and intense fruity aroma.